30 November 2017

"Bout Time, eh?

Hello... is there anybody in there? Just nod if you can hear me. Is there anyone at home?

Well, well, well... here I am kicking the dust off this 'ol blog. And that has me giddy. I'm finishing the audiobook, Ready Player One, and the 80/90s references have me sentimental for "old technologies."

So, Hello, Blogger.

[sidebar: This book might make for a shitty movie, but the audiobook w/Wil Wheaton as narrator is divine. He carries the story masterfully and his Max Headroom-isms were some of my favorites. Love Wil as the nemesis on Big Bang Theory, but in this book he reigns supreme as my hero Wade. ]

Back to blogging... 

I am curious as hell how Blogger has kept up, if at all, w/the times. My last true long, meaningful posts were 3+ years ago. Tumblr, and the sea of other free and paid platforms, have made blogging easier for those in the 'Blogger vs WordPress' quagmire. And microblogging via FB, IG and Snapchat captions has made expressing unique ideas/thoughts/point of views more enticing and engaging — despite never needing to know a stitch of code. #sigh #nerdalert #girlscancode #womenindigital

Getting back to why I started blogging: FREE. MUSIC. DOWNLOADS.

I had access and rights to post/share free .mp3 and .mp4s. Why? Because I emailed the artists and asked them -- that simple. Once in a lifetime opportunities which gave me some unexpected credibility. Given today's streaming platforms, "free" has been rendered obsolete.

I'm eager to explore this next horizon of music exchanging/sharing  Meanwhile I'm accepting my self-imposed challenge to see how far I can push Blogger--flash music player integration be damned. 

Essentially it boils down to, I love to write: about design, music, and my life. Blogging is a neglected creative outlet. I want to change that. 

Same as it ever was. Same as it ever was. Same. As. It. Ever. Was. 


talkng heads vid

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