11 August 2008

Rest in Peace, Chef

Sad to report, but Isaac Hayes passed away. I remember the days of Shaft, but loved him most as Chef. And how could you not? His lines and songs are classic! Or more correctly, were classic. I encourage you to take a trip down memory lane via YouTube.

Good stuff, Children. 

Another Chef worth checking out, is Turbo Chef. In a saturated marketplace-where Wolf and Viking reign supreme- Turbo Chef breaks from the mold. The web site, The Oven Reinvented, was designed by Mono/Minneapolis and sets the stage for an immersive digital experience hosted by Master Chef Charlie Trotter (quite an endorsement in and of itself.) Most flash sites use of music and sound effects ruin the experience. Here they are seamless and purposeful. Whether you 'Explore' or 'Cook', you are sure to understand and appreciate the craftsmanship and complexity of this oven. It's pretty magical when a site experience can deliver upon the product promise. Kudos Mono. Finally, if you are curious about inspiration for this oven, check out this  Fast Company article.

Should our beloved Wolf oven ever die (which I highly doubt), a Turbo Chef (in orange, of course) is on deck.

If a highfalutin, fancy pants oven isn't your thing, then feast your eyes on this:  The Baja BBQ Firepack. This eco-friendly buddy is sure to help in a jiff when lighter fluid toxicity just won't do. ;)

In our home, standard operating procedure is that if someone's in the kitchen, great tunes are on. So, enjoy this little culinary-inspired offering I've cooked up for you (pun intended.)

Jake Coco:   Bleu for You
Well here's a heavy dose of angst for you delivered by one amazingly talented guy. Jake Coco is home grown favorite of mine and any of his songs are worth your ears and heart. 

Portugal the Man:    Sugar Cinnamon
I was completely hooked w/in the first 5 secs of this tune-I love the driving beat... the alternating pitches in John Gourley's voice... the undulating tempo. This tune is a regular on my iPod for my workouts.

Johnson Brothers:   Strawberry Letter 23
And now one from the Wayback Machine...

I remember this song from its hay day. Just smooth, mellow and never quite knew what the hell the lyrics meant. But it's all cool, Baby. This was a big roller skating party "couples" song. And if you are laughing, then you totally know what I mean. Remember: your mouth burning from too many fireballs and your crush by your side (maybe even a comb in your back pocket. lol) Good times.

Yo La Tengo:   Cherry Chapstick
Keeping w/teenage crush vibe, I present this gem from YLT. I had an insane obsession w/Bonnie Bell Lip Smackers back in the day (check out this ad from 1979!). Talk about brand awareness at a young age. BB made these lip balms that came tethered and permitted you to 'wear your Smackers' with pride. They were all the rage and I swore I couldn't get enough. Chapstick was never my thing and now I am def more of a Burt's Bees kinda girl.

This tune rocks. Love the intermittent distortion. I was introduced to YLT via their kinder gentler songs. When I heard this song, and when I saw them perform last year, I was shocked how they rocked. Who knew? Now you do. 

Sven Van Hees:   Breakfast with Abductees
This is a fantastic tune to listen to when getting in a Sunday Brunch mind set. Whisking of egg will never seem quite the same.  Bloody's anyone?

Kaki King:  Yellowcake
This song is so gorgeous. Fluid-like, if you will. Like cake batter? That might be a stretch, sorry. But if you are new to Kaki, take the plunge. Her music is most def deelish.

Hooverphonic:   Tuna (not avail on iTunes but many other mp3 sites)
The string arrangement gets me every time. While it's not a high-energy song, I will always run to this when it comes across my iPod. Great pace, great voice. Shades of Cocteau Twins. Dreamy.

Dean + Britta:   Ginger Snaps (not avail on iTunes. So, YouTube it)
Let's end on a dessert, shall we? Ah, that Dean Wareham... sigh. 

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :  
I'm a wayward Tom
I'm a silver streak
And the walls have ears
But the walls don't speak
We're gonna make it after all

- ginger snaps
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :