04 June 2009

Urban Cowboy


:: U R B A N  D A D D Y  D O T  C O M ::
Giddy up, and then some.

As an Art Director, I feel the creative team for UrbanDaddy.com must have received a crystal clear creative brief: create demand for geo-specific products + services via uber provacative photography and whip-smart copy that appeals to time-starved, libido-influenced males. Bingo was this web site's name-o. Did they hit their mark? Oh Daddy, yes.

Better, I love UrbanDaddy as a consumer, despite not being their target demo. But damn, their over-the-top sexist site delivers with its content + approach regarding lifestyle offerings for the largest markets: NYC, LA, Chicago, Miami, and across the pond; yet w/smart nods to the fairer species.

Opt into your fave locales and receive city-specific eNewsletters that quickly become must reads vs must deletes. Also, download the newly launched UrbanDaddy iPhone app (deemed the "iPhone App You've been Craving") so you and your guy are good to go in any tony city your travels take you.

When I started to compile this playlist, I naturally gravitated towards some tried and true urban songs, and was happy to leave it at that until I played Snoop Dogg's My Medicine (link launches YouTube vid) in my library. It gave me pause. Much like jazz, country licks can be found at the root of many urban and current day indie + electronica tunes. So I challenged myself to post tunes that meet both the urban and cowboy criteria and man did I unearth some fab tunes: current, relevant, urban and edgy and all laced with country music. Yeehaw Dawg, or Beeotch, whichever fits your bad self. Enjoy. ;)

California Love
2Pac featuring Dr. Dre   (iTunes)
You may not know this, but I lived in Southern California from '99-04. (Okay, I hope you are laughing as when do I NOT mention I did time in So Cal...grin) But, those years effected me on myriad levels and this urban gang bang sound didn't elude me. I love this song as it brings back driving up the 405 to LA amidst the masses. Just felt right to kick off this playlist w/Dre + 2Pac (may he rest in peace) as it's the full monty: Urban AND Cowboy.

Ain't no rest for the Wicked
Cage The Elephant   (iTunes)
My Lollapalooza tix are coming next week. (They were to arrive in April. Whoops says Lolla.) But I am not complaining as I was one of the miniscule few who snagged the $60 3-day tickets. In fact, fermé ma bouche.

My point, all the big acts will be amazing and better, the lesser known bands are the diamonds in rough. I have high hopes for Cage the Elephant. And as you can see: they are as fresh as fresh can be, and are laying down some very country-esque sounds. So, stay tuned as we surely have not heard the last from them.

Talk of Indolence
The Avett Brothers   (iTunes)
I love this song. Just reaps of madness in its quasi rap-style account of one damn good time in New York amid a splendor of banjos. That, and I just plain love the chuckle at the very beginning.

Medicine Show
Big Audio Dynamite  (iTunes)
Here's a bit o urban cowboy served up UK punk style. Big Audio Dynamite is a late 80s band fronted by Mick Jones, the ex-guitarist + singer of The Clash. I appreciate this song as it's a 6:33 minute journey where we meet characters, hecklers, and hear the tried and true old western whistle amidst a bevvy of other sound effects. Rather epic for B.A.D., yet very good. 

Knock 'Em Out
Lilly Allen   (iTunes)
So where BAD left off, enter one Lilly Allen. She, without question, is our modern day Mae West. Can't you just see her swaggering through saloon doors with the opening piano melody? I can. So, suspend reality and simply replace "saloon" with each mention of "pub" in the song. It works, trust me. ;)

Don't Tell Me
Madonna   (iTunes)
Sure, this entire LP was cowboy inspired, but this song in particular shines as it's pure Madonna via the dramatic lyrics with a relevant, danceable groove and lush country undertones. Kudos, Madge, Lisa Douglas would be proud.

Knives Fighting Guns
Tommy Guerrero   (iTunes)
Man on man, what a find this artist is: much like designing + music go hand and hand, so does skateboarding and tunage. Tommy Guerrero is a skateboard legend hailing from team Bones Brigade circa 1985, as well as an accomplished musician (similar to Jack Johnson w/surfing + music, perhaps...) It's clear he's has a great ear for rhythm and the country tempo is ever present in this tune. Tommy G = me-likey.

Enjoy the Wait
Morcheeba   (iTunes)
For a 67 second song, this packs a whollup o twang. For this song to come from Morcheeba, who's reputation is uber trip hop + electronica, it's all the more 67 secs o' deelish.

Enjoy the Ride
Morcheeba   (iTunes)
I love Skye Edwards with Morcheeba, but Judy Tzuke breathes such a different life into this song as lead vocalist. Britt + Lisa: if you read this, know it's an hommage to you, your family, and your faith. 

6 Underground
Sneaker Pimps   (iTunes)
Agreed: this tune might be a stretch in this category. BUT, Sneaker Pimps tunes are very electronica yet this tune has an earthy vibe that feels country at its core. Sorry, my blog, my rules. Basically, I love the attitude and love the overlay of the acoustic guitars (starting at 1:20 secs). I hope you do as well.

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With the moonlight to guide you
Feel the joy of being alive
The day that you stop running
Is the day that you arrive

~ enjoy the ride

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