31 July 2009

Holla for Lolla >> Hooray for the Underdogs

::   L O L L A P A L O O Z A   B Y    D A Y   ::

Lollapalooza is next weekend!! The 3-day music festival in Chicago's Grant Park has become an annual voyage for me — 4th year running, in fact (all thanks to my ever gracious hostess + festival partner in crime, Newman!)

What I relish most about Lolla aren't the headliners (although Radiohead last year was truly an out of body experience for me) but the energy the lesser-known bands create. Their enthusiasm is electrifying as for most of these bands, Lolla is a make-or-break deal. I mean just a few years ago, Kings of Leon, were the new kids on the block (forgive the pun) and now look at their chart success. Need further evidence? KOL's set is up against Depeche Mode Friday night. That's a lot of progress in one year. And last year, Vampire Weekend played mid-day to small crowds. This year they garner the top billing at GALApalooza (the eve before Lolla fundraising extravaganza benefiting The Parkways Foundation)

There are enormous expectations of the headliners, and beautifully, they always deliver. But man, when the newer/greener bands come on stage w/a verve for their craft, it lingers. I love reading the pubs/blogs days after Lolla where, "Daft Punk was amazing... but I still can't get MGMT's set off my mind" gets posted. Bingo, Daddy-O.

THAT is what makes Lolla special for me: to say, I was there-I was part of something much larger. Dare I say, 'history in the making'? Perhaps. And for me, being a part of music IS important. It makes me feel connected in a way that my other creative outlets do not. Best yet, being a part of music is timeless. My Mom's hospice nurse told me our sense of hearing is the last sense to leave us. Evidence music is ever lasting in our minds + hearts.

This year's Lolla is chock full of added fun: I've got my iPhone loaded w/my Lolla App. I will be attending the Blind Pilot/Ezra Furman Aftershow Sat. eve at the House of Blues, courtesy of the fantastic Val Haller of Valslist. And I just received notice that I've been selected to be an "Official LP33.tv Fan Correspondent at Lollapalooza". I don't know the deets but it's going to put a wildly fun and unanticipated lens on my Lolla experience. Surely all good blog fodder. Stay tuned.

Lastly, if you can't make it to Lolla this year, help yourself to their generous FREE 15 Song iTunes Download. You will discover some new music and get a glimpse of what next year's music landscape sound like.

So, I see I've said too much. I meant to be brief... ehgads. ;) Thus, I bid you adieu w/some of my fave Lolla Underdogs: past + present. My best~ Joy

The Underdog
Spoon Lolla Saturday 2007
A fitting kickoff to this playlist is by Spoon, of Lolla '07 fame.

Get Yo Shit
Black Joe Lewis + the Honeybears (playing Friday 1pm)
I have high hopes for Black Joe + his crew. This song just rocks, and the lyrics are so raw, so pure. Can't wait to see them to see if they are real deal or not.

Bon Iver (playing Friday 3pm)
I posted this tune in my Ode to Oliver post back in November. A haunting tune. Looking forward to hearing it live.

The Story I Heard
Blind Pilot (playing Saturday 4:15pm)
If you follow me on Twitter, or are a Facebook bud of mine, you've read my threads touting Blind Pilot, as well encouraging everyone to come out to the House of Blues Sat night to catch them w/Ezra Furman + The Harpoons for an official Lolla Aftershow sponsored by valslist.com. (And while you're at it, please become a fan of valslist.com on Facebook!)

Tell Me in the Morning
Cold War Kids (playing Sunday 5:30pm)
Oh man, Newman + I caught CWK last year and lead singer, Nathan Willett, got everyone in a frenzy. Looking forward to see what their sophmore appearance will entail.

Cage the Elephant (playing Sunday 2:15pm)
"Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" was featured in my June Urban Daddy post, so thought you'd enjoy this Wicked Devil Reggae Remix version. This band will surely be a huge draw!

Jump in the Pool
Friendly Fires (playing Sunday 12:30pm)
This past May, I had the amazing experience to be a Guest DJ for CD101. One hour of me on air, w/the divine Ms. Lesley James, and the tunes of my choice. It was an adrenliene rush like no other! Of the tunes I selected to play, I chose this Friendly Fires song knowing Lesley would dig it. Just a fun, high energy song.

Sugar Cinnamon
Portugal. The Man (playing Sunday 1:30pm)
I've loved this song for a long time (part of my "Rest in Peace, Chef" post last August) despite still having NO clue what the song is about. ;) But, it def has an inherent 'festival' vibe to it which should make for a deelish set.

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I know I can't slow down,
I can't hold back,
Though you know, I wish I could.
No there ain't no rest for the wicked,
Until we close our eyes for good.

- ain't no rest for the wicked

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