06 August 2014

Daily Joy » Clem Snide

Listening to some bittersweet old school Clem Snide today while designing, so hit the twitter to see what they had going on. As a huge supporter of home concerts, I want to share this cool opportunity of hosting a living room show. If your city is listed, reach out to them. You won't regret this unique experience!

And Eef, should your travels bring you to Columbus, OH, I'd gladly host. Our city is the jam, Man. Buzzfeed even says so. (see reasons #6, #9, #15, and #18)

>Evil vs. Good
by Clem Snide

'Cause you're so evil and I'm so good
I'll You'll make it up to you me some day.


BONUS ROUND » those close to me know one of my guilty pleasures is the Brothers Gibb (aka the Bee Gees.) Check out Eef's rendition of "How can you mend a broken heart?" (great question, btw) His vocal twist takes this song to another level. #swoon