28 September 2009

Living Vi-CARY-iously

:: R O C K + R O L L S I G N A T U R E C O L L E C T I O N ::
Cary Whitt's autographed Yeah Yeah Yeah's "It's a Blitz" LP

I admit it: I've been a lazy blogger this summer. But for good reason: I've been out catching a lot of live music. Yay! Between Lollapalooza '09 and CD101's Summerfest, I've seen A LOT of great live music. (On my fall hit list: Ra Ra Riot, STS9, Passion Pit, Wilco, + Stone Temple Pilots to name a few...) And while I am still basking in the afterglow of the summer's bounty, simulatneously I am ruminating on few shows I've missed over the years.

Enter my good friend, amazing designer, gifted photographer and music aficionado, Cary Whitt. He's seen more shows already than I will in my lifetime, I'm fairly sure. A strong distinction between Cary and my verve for live music is his fortitude to take it one step further: he gets autographs. That painstaking craft of waiting and waiting for the elusive moment a rock star will give their John Hancock. Thus I'm living vicariously through his good fortunes by pairing autographed LPs from his Flickr collection of artists/shows he's seen— which I've either missed fully or are on my future radar— to tunes I love.

Enjoy. And long live rock + roll~ Joy

Well I Wonder
Of all the music I listen to and have fallen in love with in my lifetime, The Smiths is one of my Top 5 Bands. Morrissey and Johnny Marr made magic in the '90s. I love this tune and it's perfect for my theme as I do wonder what it would have been like to see them live. Sigh...

Do It Clean
Echo + The Bunneymen
Okay, I did see Echo + the Bunnymen play live in Pittsburgh circa '91, but they did not play this song. I was in denial. They played 2 enchores and I was like, "wait for it.... wait for it...." then boom, auditorium lights on. Total "You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here, Folks" deelio. Boooo.

Cut Your Hair
I became a huge fan of these "indie rock trailblazers" far too late. My loss, without question. I love this song and serendipitously, it's from the LP Cary had autographed. If you aren't familiar w/Pavement, do so now.

(Bonus: Pavement's version of Echo + the B-men's "Killing Moon" from my March "Vox Boxing" post.)

Love Like a Sunset
While I haven't seen them live, I can safely add, "yet" to the end of that sentence as Phoenix is hot, hot, hot right now. When I do see this produit au France play, I hope they play this mostly-instrumental tune. C'est magnafiqué.

Find My Baby
I have scoured the web trying to find the video for the American Express commercial featuring Tiger Woods and this Moby tune to post, but it doesn't seem to be anywhere. Which I find remarkable— as the 30 sec spot of Tiger hitting a lone golf ball in Manhattan juxtaposed to this haunting Moby tune was just that— remarkable. (Please send me a link if you find this vid!)

ps: I'm rather impressed that Moby took the time to sketch his Little Idiot vs merely a quick sig, Cary.

Over and Over
Hot Chip
Hot damn does Hot Chip produce some catchy cool tunage or what? I hope to see Hot Chip in the near future and I def hope they play this song. I love the repeated spelling in the lyrics which surely is a crowd fave when played live:

Passing By
Zero 7
Just a mellow dandy of a tune from Zero 7. Not sure if this is in their live repertoire or not, but if I get the chance to see them live, I will keep my fingers crossed.

My self-profesesd love for jumping (vs actually dancing...) would be in full force upon hearing this song live. Me, and every other Fratellis fan, that is. Fun stuff. ;)

Get out: "Cary, Hi. Kim Deal". Bragging rights for sure, CW! And Happy 20th "Doolittle" Anniversary, Pixies (although I wish you were coming closer to CMH than your 11/20 show at Aragon Ballroom in Chicago.)

"Hey" is a fab tune. Raw lyrics and riffs. Pure Frank Black and Kim Deal.

(Bonus: La La Love You from last November's "Heavy Metal" post.)

Ending on a high note here with this full blown rock anthem for the Ladies. I am sure this song gets the crowd in an uber frenzy— air guitars a wailin'. lol Stay tuned...

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
All the promises I gave you
Helped me to survive
And all the times I wished you'd save me
You were the love of my life

~ passing by
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :