20 November 2008

Heavy Metal

T A G L I N E :
Hot like your Mom, Tough like your Dad.

They had me at Hello.

Ryan Wither + Paul Lewin are the creative brainstrust behind Tivi, the intercourse between industrial materials and intelligent designs. I fell in LUV with this zebrawood cuff and shared the find w/Newman. She loved it too. Always a coveted endorsement. Congrats, Guys, you nailed it.
I love cuffs. I have a ton of them (always right wrist). Something empowering about donning a 1-3 inch accoutrement. My awareness to jewelry (more like adornment) was an output of attending an Art History course at Wittenberg University . Dr. Ann Terry's class had a notorious reputation: a million slides in a very dark room commandeered by the slightest of professors (in physicality) but one of ginormous intelligence, specifically on matters pertaining to early Christian and Byzantine art.
sfx: Click. Click. Click. vo: And on this next slide you will see... me: Serenity Now, Jerry!

Admittedly, I struggled to stay awake through the Byzantine period but something magical happened when Dr. Terry began the lectures re:The Egyptian era. Her enthusiasm and energy level detailing how the Egyptian women chose to adorn themselves, and how their behavior could be deep rooted in current day female DNA, fascinated me. Fashionistas of the Nile. Love it.

Well-known by font aficionados: Lorem Ipsum Cuf by Veer. Simply Brilliant. Simply Veer.

For those 35mm-minded folks, check out re:visions Focus Cuff w/Ridges. An over the top stylish way to recycle anodised aluminium and rubber.

Lastly, if inches of metal isn't how you roll, no worries. Perhaps a more kinder/gentler hardware adornment will be of your liking. Check out these handmade belt buckles by fellow Witt Alum and Evanston designer, Ginny Meenan. I love the materials and patterns she chose juxtaposed to the metal buckle encasement. They are kinda like an Angelina Jolie/Jennifer Aniston mix (read: naughty + nice). Ha! Take my word and go see what all the fuss is about.

And now, the tunes. I am really excited to present this metal-minded playlist as it captures an essence. Kinda like getting ready for a night out. You be the judge.

(reminder: round button = play)

by Elastica (itunes)
I recall first hearing this song and thinking it was unlike any song I heard for the time (circa 1995). It grinds. It wails and has withstood the test of time. Girl Power.

by Sinéad O'Connor (itunes)
Remember when MTV actually played videos? I do too. And loved Sinead's rebel approach pushing her music mainstream w/o selling out. Luck of the Irish? No way. Pure talent.

Volcano Girls
by Veruca Salt (itunes)
So... how about this rockin tune?! College radio really REALLY had an impression on me. Wittenberg's campus station WUSO 89.1 was my lifeline and then when I moved to Columbus, CD101 fit the bill. This gem from 1997 was an enormous hit on both airwaves. Bonus points if you know the origin of this band's name. Tweet me @HeyJoy.

Miss World
by Hole (itunes)
Kinda like how I like Kid Rock, I like Courtney Love. Yes, she's messed up, which is incredibly sad. But as far as this song goes, I love the riffs. Guilty as charged.

Paint A Vulgar Picture
by The Smiths
I wonder if Morrissey and Courtney Love know one another. Hmmm, quite toxic, I imagine. Regardless, Johnny Marr is the powerhouse behind The Smiths. I def 'hart' him. Clever, eh? ;)

by The Breeders
Ah, Rock Band. I am a wee bit addicted. Amazing it took this long for this type of roll-playing outlet to go mainstream. My comrades at CPV are more than forgiving of my enthusiasm. Rock Band Happy Hour at the agency is my fave. This song is on my wish list. My band: Rocco on drums, Ann on Bass, Jen on Electric, me on vocals (and tambourine!), and Kevin our manager. Outta our way, Kim Deal.

La La Love You
by Pixies (itunes)
One really can't blog about The Breeders w/o segueing into Pixies, or vice versa. This is such a great rock anthem and the hints of Dick Dale-esque surfer music pulls me in even more.

by Imani Coppola (itunes)
So here's a modern day counterpart to the songstress' above...but w/a whole lot more anger, yes/no? The lyrics of this song are so bitter-perfect mates for the chords.

"Where'd you learn how to walk?
Must've been in the dead of winter in New York City
Only some honey who's got no money can look so pretty
Only somebody whose got no heat can act so sweet..."

Haven't we all seen this character in a large city somewhere in our travels and wondered what their story was? Or, is it just me? Sigh... forever the voyeur.

So if those tunes didn't meet your expectations of "Heavy Metal". Sorry: my blog, my rules. But hopefully you will hear their merit and do most def rock, if only in Joy's World.

These next two are balls-to-the-walls rockers by all standards. The type that make you turn your volume WAY up and just lose yourself and your inner rock star badness. Enjoy!

Club Foot
by Kasabian (itunes)

Guerilla Radio
by Rage Against the Machine (itunes)

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
All i'm saying pretty baby
la la love you don't mean maybe
all i'm saying pretty baby

- la la love you
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

03 November 2008

Rock Your Vote

Ah, finally, back to some sweet, inspiration design. And fittingly, design regarding the Election. What a time for visual communicators! Graphic design/advertising, social networking and mobile media has come to the forefront to an audience previously oblivious to such channels. I am tired of this election-as a marketer- but am giddy over the progress made in these communication arenas. 
Check out Power to the Poster. They get it: great design breaks through the clutter. And when your message is passion-driven, the work is even stronger. And when you offer it for free to the masses-arguably, it is the strongest. 

Short + Sweet: Election Day is here. I don't discriminate. I respect how you sort out your own affairs. Below are a few delights to help you along your way. And if for some reason you are still undecided at the 11th hour, go to Glassbooth.org. Both Guy (@guykawasaki) and myself (@HeyJoy) posted Tweets regarding this site which promotes voting guidance based on your unique beliefs.

Strange Days
by Thievery Corporation
Killer Doors/Jim Morrison remix! Def captures the sentiments of many U.S citizens.
by Snowden
Many a folk just want to put their heads down and not engage in this election. They state it's just too much. Well it IS too much because so much is riding on it. So, don't be that naysayer...the one who says, "Why should I vote?" Please, you ought to know better by now.

Jerk it Out
So despite this being your inclination... do something other than, well.... (snicker snicker)

Do The Panic
by Phantom Wave
But unlike this funky punky song, don't panic. You/we have options.
However, please note: this is not one of your options. 

by New Order
Get out and vote so you don't have a sense of malais when the results come it late Tuesday, or Weds... or next week, the next 4 years.

It Will Find You
by Maps
Because if you have remorse for not voting, or casting an ill-informed ballot, it will haunt you. The media is going to regurgitate every facet of the election results to ad nauseum, so be ready to wallow in your misery or flaunt your victory.

Pass The Hatchet
by Roger & The Gypsies
Get your groove on and get your ass out to the polls. For those that voted early, kudos. Me, I like the madness of the polling stations. And the donuts. Mmmmmm.
by Charlie Hunter Trio
And like Bob Marley and Charlie Hunter pontificate: take a deep breath, Mon. Then exhale. Then reflect on what is very good in this country, in your life, and in your very selves. Brighter days are ahead. When? I dare not make that forecast. But they are. Trust me.

One Chance
by Modest Mouse
Truly, we have one chance on Election Day '08. Go be a part of this historical day.

I am Joy Hart. And I approve this music. ;)

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 
We have one chance
One chance to get everything right
We have one chance
One chance
And if we're lucky we might

My friends, my habits, my family
They mean so much to me
I just don't think that it's right
I've seen so many ships sail in
Just to head back out again

and go off


- one chance 

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :