03 November 2008

Rock Your Vote

Ah, finally, back to some sweet, inspiration design. And fittingly, design regarding the Election. What a time for visual communicators! Graphic design/advertising, social networking and mobile media has come to the forefront to an audience previously oblivious to such channels. I am tired of this election-as a marketer- but am giddy over the progress made in these communication arenas. 
Check out Power to the Poster. They get it: great design breaks through the clutter. And when your message is passion-driven, the work is even stronger. And when you offer it for free to the masses-arguably, it is the strongest. 

Short + Sweet: Election Day is here. I don't discriminate. I respect how you sort out your own affairs. Below are a few delights to help you along your way. And if for some reason you are still undecided at the 11th hour, go to Glassbooth.org. Both Guy (@guykawasaki) and myself (@HeyJoy) posted Tweets regarding this site which promotes voting guidance based on your unique beliefs.

Strange Days
by Thievery Corporation
Killer Doors/Jim Morrison remix! Def captures the sentiments of many U.S citizens.
by Snowden
Many a folk just want to put their heads down and not engage in this election. They state it's just too much. Well it IS too much because so much is riding on it. So, don't be that naysayer...the one who says, "Why should I vote?" Please, you ought to know better by now.

Jerk it Out
So despite this being your inclination... do something other than, well.... (snicker snicker)

Do The Panic
by Phantom Wave
But unlike this funky punky song, don't panic. You/we have options.
However, please note: this is not one of your options. 

by New Order
Get out and vote so you don't have a sense of malais when the results come it late Tuesday, or Weds... or next week, the next 4 years.

It Will Find You
by Maps
Because if you have remorse for not voting, or casting an ill-informed ballot, it will haunt you. The media is going to regurgitate every facet of the election results to ad nauseum, so be ready to wallow in your misery or flaunt your victory.

Pass The Hatchet
by Roger & The Gypsies
Get your groove on and get your ass out to the polls. For those that voted early, kudos. Me, I like the madness of the polling stations. And the donuts. Mmmmmm.
by Charlie Hunter Trio
And like Bob Marley and Charlie Hunter pontificate: take a deep breath, Mon. Then exhale. Then reflect on what is very good in this country, in your life, and in your very selves. Brighter days are ahead. When? I dare not make that forecast. But they are. Trust me.

One Chance
by Modest Mouse
Truly, we have one chance on Election Day '08. Go be a part of this historical day.

I am Joy Hart. And I approve this music. ;)

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 
We have one chance
One chance to get everything right
We have one chance
One chance
And if we're lucky we might

My friends, my habits, my family
They mean so much to me
I just don't think that it's right
I've seen so many ships sail in
Just to head back out again

and go off


- one chance 

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 

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