13 October 2008

Zoom Zoom

(Those that worked w/me @ marchFIRST will surely savor the irony of this entry's title! )


My blog is about design + music. And hopefully inspiring design +  music. But once in a while I am bound to break convention and subject you to the madness and insanity of my inner circle of buds-- as we most def are an odd lot. ;)

The delight above is an image taken by one of my most beloved partners in design crime, Dylan. He is a complex soul for which there could never be enough time or space to convey here. But the fact that he has a Flickr series devoted to this Telletubbie mounted to an RC Radio Shack quasi-Hummer was just too rich to pass up. His video of this day-in-life-of, is even better.

And if you find this not the least funny, then you certainly wouldn't appreciate Dylan's love (and many thousands of other web followers) of LOL Cats . But I digress...that fact that Dylan has time to "jack around" (a fave saying of my Father's, btw) w/this type of creative outlet amidst his workload is inspiring. Let's take one from Dylan's rule book and remember to get out there and live.

Okay, enough about Dylan. Let's get to the good stuff. I added a media player for your listening pleasure. While I do hope you support these amazing artists about which I rant (via real iTunes purchases), I realize you aren't gonna buy if you can listen to more than the 7 sec snippet iTunes provides. So, sit back. Put your headphones on. And let me rock your world.

I love to drive. Always have. Always the very first one to say, "I'll drive!" When B and I moved out to California, I was greatly dissappointed that our timing did not permit us to make that drive from Ohio. Regardless, driving songs always endear themselves to me. Here are a few dandies for you.

Stop Thinking
by The Mysteries of Life   (iTunes)
I think why I love driving so much is it is my "thinking time." The time where I sort out a lot of shit, to be frank. Be it work... life... driving just gives me time to figure out, and filter much of, the noise that populates my head into more pure, defined, thoughts and ideas.

by The Avalanches   (iTunes)
Thus, I do not mind my commute. It fits nicely in with this 'think while driving' deelio of mine.

I play this song a lot on my drive as I LOVE glancing at the folks as I pass by. This tune lends itself ever so nicely to the car-jockeying that a morning commute fosters. This tune becomes the soundtrack for my fellow roadmates as I quickly witness them on the phone, applying makeup, eating/drinking, reading (sadly), and countless other things besides focusing on the wheel. Yikes. Stay off 315 S when in Columbus is the lesson here, eh?!

by Fanfare Ciocarlia   (iTunes)
And for those days when the commute truly feels circus-like, this is a must have. The Moulin Rouge-feel is spot on.

by Grand Archives   (iTunes)
And for the remainder of Columbus morning commuters: Hello, Starbucks.

Where Would you Go?
by The Sweet Hurt     (iTunes)
So melodic... beautiful tapestry of lyrics.

Let's Go Driving
by Barzin     (iTunes)
This is the type of tune to listen to when you just don't want to go home quite yet (in the best sense). Either the sunset is just right, or the road you are on is breathtaking, or the simple fact of being 'out' has lifted your spirits. This is the wind down for that type of high. Dreamy.

Driver's Seat
by Sniff 'n' The Tears    (iTunes)
The wayback machine lives on: I loved this song when I was 10 years old (I am guessing) and still love it. Just brings back memories of when cars were really large-able to hold a family of, say 8, nicely (I grew up in a very Catholic area so large cars and families ruled). Which also reminds me of that lost art of long family car trips... tender sweet memories built on togetherness and Slurpees® .

Title and Registration
by Death Cab for Cutie     (iTunes)
Ending this post with a bang! We caught these guys this past week @ the LC. Fantastic venue, paired with an indian summer night... Witnessing this song live was a treat. I listen to a lot of Death Cab and always wonder, "Who did these things to poor Ben Gibbard , to sing of such angst?"

This song has a fantastic dose of sadness and angst sprinkled with clever analogies that resonate with anyone who's been in love. And owned a car. ;)

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
Because behind it's door
There's nothing to keep my fingers warm
And all I find are souvenirs from better times
Before the gleam of your taillights fading east
To find yourself a better life

- title + registration

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