04 May 2009

Cinco De Joy-O!


 ::  M I A M I   T H R O U G H   T H E   L E N S   O F   J A I M E  S A N T I L L A N   ::

This blog post has me fairly smitten as the elements came together so incredibly effortlessly. I've had this playlist theme for a while, but not until I was reviewing a photography portfolio of a close friend's did it all click. Yesterday, in fact.

The photographer is Jaime Santillán of Jamie Santillán Photography. The images above were taken a few weeks ago in Miami on assignment for Think Brand (more great friends of mine. It's good to be an F.O.J. Friend of Joy. Ha!) I love these shots in particular as they capture the colors and lifestyle of the Little Havana vibe so wonderfully. Please check out his entire portfolio-wonderfully diverse. Thank you, Jaime!

Enjoy this playlist: a fab latin-infused jazz explosion of sorts with succulent doses of tango, mambo, salsa + bossa nova. I had 30 songs in my original list but trimmed it down to these 16-which was damn near impossible. And you'll see I am not providing any commentary, per my usual posts. None needed in this case. Crazy madness. I love it so. How could you not–just look at the uplifting titles?!

This playlist is perfect for BBQ, beers, margaritas, or just chillaxin'. So however you choose to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, celebrate well. Here's how I'll be celebrating mine:

Cinco de Mayo + Jamie's images + Hey Joy playlist = Cinco de Joy-O

Funky Lowlives   (iTunes)

Soul Bossa Nova/N.A.S.A. Remix
Quincy Jones   (iTunes)

Le Spinner
Isabelle Antena   (iTunes)

Pink Martini   (iTunes)

Sun Is Shining
Trippy Nova   (iTunes)

Feeling Good
The Quantic Soul Orchestra   (web site)

Nota Bossa
The Funky Lowlives

Latina Asscape
Brownout   (iTunes)

Cantoma    (iTunes)

Fela Brasil/Main Mix
Raw Artistic Soul   (iTunes)

So Tinha Que Ser Com Voce

This Is Not A Tango
The Juju Orchestra   (iTunes)

Luna Roja/Soul Mix
Soda Stereo   (iTunes)

O Caminho do Bem
Tim Maia

Gustavo Cerati   (iTunes)

Rodrigo y Gabriela   (iTunes)

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 
One day she passed him by
A twinkle in her eye
He said " she was meant for me!"
But when he turned around
He lost what he had found
Oh where can his Lilly be?

- lilly
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : 

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