25 September 2011

Happy Happy Joy Joyce

::  J O Y O U S   O C C A S I O N S  ::
artwork from the joy of living ~ visions of a healthy future

{all photos courtesy of my iphone hipstamatic addiction.}

Ah, fall is officially here, meaning summer, my fave season, has come to a close. Boo hoo. Add to that, the world is akimbo: reported gloom + doom based on the U.S. economy; earthquakes on the East coast a few weeks ago; Apple brainchild Steve Jobs retires, R.E.M. breaking up. Quel dommage.

I respect these state of affairs and their (greater?) purpose, yet they are counter to my essence. Despite being in my own state of flux, I keep pushing on. Those around me ask, "How?" It's not that big of a mystery: happiness can be found in spurts/doses/segments. And should be celebrated as such. Chasing categorical, 24/7 happiness is a challenge beyond (my) means.

My Mom led by example: she lived in the moment. Her fifth year yartzeit (an endearing term a Jewish gal friend taught me) was last week. Five years... Hard to believe.

I telegraph many special moments w/her that were just that, 'moments'... be it a half hour or 5 minutes: a scrabble game, a shared beer, an inside joke at the expense of my rival-of-the-moment... just short blips at the moment caught my breath and made me take note. I am thankful to whatever higher level granted me the awareness to take that pause.

If your parents are still alive, I suggest you love on them. Today. Or, as often as you can.

Playing a bit of catch up here so this playlist is long... but worth it. I've been working on it for awhile. Just wanted to take my time. It's a happenstance of happy tunes for reasons that probably only make sense to me. Sorry. ;) But I'm fairly sure these tunes will linger w/you, as they do me.

Fond farewell, Summer. See you not soon enough. And Mom, thanks for watching over me. And to the rest of you, find your happy place - even if it's for a minute to two. xo to all ~Joy

Go Outside
This song is the epitome of me. From the xylophone to the lyrics. Totally this girl. If you hate this song, we can't be friends.

The Black Keys
My home state boys! Love this tune. Timely tribute to Ohio. I also cannot wait for their next BlakRoc project. aside from being insanely talented, Dan Auerbach seems to have the midas touch on all his side projects (like the divine Jessica Lea Mayfield.)

Wouldn't It Be Nice
My fave part of the tune is at 1:47: "Run run run..." ala Beach boys. Nice.

Can't You Tell
Another Beach Boys ish vibe. Just meandering. Isn't that what downtime is all about?

Waves (Rodaidh Radio Edit)
Holly Miranda
I love this tune. THEN I found this video, and fell in love deeper. I love that bar/café, I love the raw high contrast b/w vignette Vincent Moon chose, I love that the Barback-come-Violinist is as relevant to this vid as Holly. Listen to the dialogue of this vid from the get go. Shot glass clinking and all. Sláinte, eh?

I've always been a print/interactive girl, but after being moved by this vid, and a recent chance to suggest the soundtrack to a good friend's indie movie, maybe video is my next big thing...

Stand In the Water
Great title. Even better lyrics.

Street Joy
White Denim
Dreamy Cali vibe. Slight added bonus that "joy" is in the title. I'm listening to White Denim constantly. Their LP, D, is worth your ears + time as well.

Put The Days Away
Sun Airway
Time's passing. Embrace the moment. Or reflect on the past. Both have value. ;)

As most of you know, Twitter is a strange time suck. Most days I've a love/hate relationship w/Twitter. A necessary occupational evil, I say. However, there are normal folks out there. Witness them at Twistori. It can def pull you out of a slump if you follow the positive words.

Goth Star
I love the stop/start -ness of the vocals, somewhat like Ohio's Fall: one day cold, next day crazy hot... I also love the title of this tune as it supports my art school mentality that all goth kids are cool. As is my friend Lor, below. She's not goth, but she is a star in my eyes + heart. 

Upside Down
I'm from Northeastern Ohio. As such two words are all you need to know when it comes to amusement parks: Cedar Point. End of discussion. And if you do go, make sure when you ride the Corkscrew, you do so in the very last seats.

In Every Direction (Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. Remix)
Two of summer's favorite darlings in one song? Hooray! Junip (José Gonzales frontman) and Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. (possibly best new band name of the year). This song is solid on it's own, but I do love this remix as each band's essence is kept pure (vs a remix casualty.)

Once Around The Block
Badly Drawn Boy
Light and whimsical this tune... (Yoda speak. lol)

The One AM Radio
Further evidence you can take the girl out of So Cal, but you can't take Southern California out of the girl. The reference to "driving down the stretch of Wilshire Boulevard..." tugs at some heart strings mostly because back in the day I was doing so in an uber luxury vehicle in the name of due diligence for my then client Land Rover. Too. Much. Fun. (to be paid for. truth.)

Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer
Love the title of this song as it makes me think of all the blockheads (pun!) I see when I go to the Memorial Tournament. Please note, the fine gent below is def NOT a blockhead (nor is my fab friend who shined me onto this artist.). ;)

Sleep Forever (Bassex Remix)
Portugal. The Man
Perfect tune to end this long post. Night, everyone. Or, happy nap, pending when you read this.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :

You quiver like a candle on fire
I'm putting you out
Maybe tonight we could be the last shout
But I'm fascinated by your style
Your beauty will last for a while

You're feeling instead of being
The more that I live on the inside
There's nothing to give
I'm infatuated by your moves
I've got to search hard for your clues

~ Once Around the Block by Badly Drawn Boy

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  1. The Beach Boys remix and the Bassex remix are my faves from this quarter's lovely edition of BaHoyba's Bamtastic Interwebz ExtravaGANNNNNZUHHHHH.