09 July 2014


(...there goes my site's PG rating)

I posted this to my Pinterest account a long time ago. It’s still funny as hell. And rings more true today than ever. It's fitting I'm composing this post on the anniversary of the passing of my friend, Ned Williamson. He was taken from us far too soon. Grief is a tough thing. One day you’re okay, feeling stable, the next moment any small nuance can kick you to the curb, leaving you a total wreck. I think it's because the profound impact people can have on your life — and then the fact they never fully got to learn of that impact — is what's so hard for us to accept in the end.

Ned's absence is a meaningful reminder for me to embrace life, love boldly, and take risks. Some days I am better at it than others. But I am trying. And I have my eye on the prize. So this post is dedicated to those conversations we have with ourselves during our challenges. And as you'll quickly see, the artists below have captured these sentiments like poetry in motion.

Enjoy this post. And the tunes (17 of them!) The music player is at the bottom. Or you can click on the individual tunes, which open/play/download in a separate window.

Thank you for your time. And your heart. ~Joy

Laser cut pre-dawn curiosity from Alice in Wonderland 
I am a morning person. Have been since childhood. La la love that time. Great thinking time - I design in my haze from when my alarm goes off to when I actually rouse from my bed. I resolve nuances I couldn't quite figure out when my brain was conscious. And, who doesn't love a great morning workout? I'm on my way to achieving breakfast club member status at Melt Hot Fitness. :) Owner Kelly Sodergren's mix of a heated studio, dim lighting, and a music library that rivals my own makes the wee hour wake up call beyond worth it. I always leave the studio feeling stronger. If not in my limbs, at least in my mind.

> Can’t Wake Up
by The Apache Relay
For those who prefer the snooze button over the benefits of a vigorous morning activity, this one's for you. It's all about matters of the heart.

> Coffee
by Sylvan Esso
This tune plays during our Barre class warm-up at Melt. Until recently, I didn't know who the artist was as I'm pretty sure whipping out my phone to Shazam a song in class is a no-no. My bud seanHARTMAN, recently suggested I give Sylan Esso a spin. And then it all clicked. Thanks, Universe.

This tune is hauntingly fantastic. It might be my 2014 version of the highly addictive Two Dots by Lusine (another one perfect for your edit sessions, Bil Zelman.)

 I'm a loner, Dottie. A rebel.

In the spirit of gettin' after it, away we go....
by Hacienda
I've had this tune in my "potential posts" list for a long time. So happy to have found it a fitting home. Dan Aurbach produced the track. I feel his thumbprint all over it. And I like it. The documentary-style video is pretty sweet too. My heart IS racing.

by Young the Giant
I'm a sucker for songs about driving, mostly because I love driving. And listening to music while driving. So yeah, this song was pretty much a slam dunk:
"Get out the car it's time for me to drive. Oh, you can't hide for long. I want to spend the night. Just tell me you were all alone. It's so wonderful. Hey, I feel wonderful"

Inspiration overload from this yogi

Josie Schweitzer definitely has a cult following. If not in her yoga studio, Thank Yoga, then most definitely via her Instagram feed. Checking her posts have been part of my morning routine for awhile now. Motivation on so many levels. Give her a follow too!

by The Whitest Boy Alive
This band's name juxtaposed with their sound was a delightful and unexpected treat for me. And then I saw their photo and it all made sense. Bummed they broke up. I like the tempo of this tune... good for decision making. And again, me w/the lyrics. I know, I know...
"So many people telling me one way. So many people telling me to stay. Never had time to have my mind made up."

Branding Phobia about the culture of anti-branding to Barcelona

Somewhere in my mind, thematically pairing: Training + Barcelona branding + Kitten + Girls + Boys makes perfect sense. Trust me, eeeez good.

> Girls Chase Boys
by Ingrid Michelson

"Their tears were their love" Poem #34

by Lucius
Ok, back on track: Training? Check. Soul-wrecking images/lyrics? Yup yup. The steel drum used in this version makes my ears happy as it's not the version I had originally heard.

> Put Me to Work
Oh man, I hope to catch PAPA at Lollapalooza specifically for this tune. The energy captured digitally has got to be 1000-fold when on a stage. That's a whole lotta piano going on (pronounced: pie-ann-oh)

 I Feel Good Today by Niels Buschk

Upside of this nervous energy phase I'm in, I (finally) bought a bike. Don't know why I resisted this so long. Thankful for the nudge. And now down the rabbit hole of this lifestyle I go.

> First Time High (Reconstructionist Remix of An Eluardian Instance)
by Of Montreal
"And I accept you as my very first mover." Mover? What the...? Makes me chuckle.

> Friendly Pressure (Cool Breeze Remix)
by Jhelisa
Turn up the volume and enjoy this funky remix.


These rest of these images and tunes embrace freedom. Don't let others hold you back. Be true to yourself. Find your footing. Find your voice. Powerful stuff, right? 

by José Gonzalez
From the The Secret Life of Walter Mitty soundtrack. I love the anthemic vibe from the children's choir in this tune. Great fit for this Continue to Wonder image. 
"Heart's on fire, leaving all behind you. Dark as night, let the lightning guide"

by Vacationer
Dear Skully's: 7:15pm show times are stupid.
Dear Vacationer: You have a new LP out. Could you not play for 15 more minutes? Sigh... Although it made for the most memorable near-miss ever. "Good night, Columbus." 

by The Black Hollies
When I'm not working on blog playlists, this band is in heavy rotation for me. I cannot get enough of their old-school hippie vibe. This song is about being stuck in between... and it's on point. You really should get out of nowhere and just Be. Here. Now.

Disco is far from dead, Friends

> Gimme the Nightclub (dj BC edit)
by Dan Meth
This is a ridiculous mash up of Jay-Z and George Benson. Ridiculously good, that is. In celebration of my upcoming birthday and being 5"4', this Shorty is embracing the disco ball.

Opened eyes. Open mind. Open heart. 

I saw MMJ open for Pearl Jam a zillion years ago in Cleveland. They left an indelible impression on me. I'm smitten these two tracks help round out this post.

> The Day is Coming
by My Morning Jacket
Goal setting, at it's best. 

> Speed of Sound (Live_Philly)
by Pearl Jam
Rushing adds unnecessary stress. Slow down. Let great music be your driver. And in this live version, believe: in Eddie we all trust. #testify
"And yet I'm still holdin' tight to this dream of distant light. In that somehow I'll survive. But this night has been a long one. Waiting on a sun that just don't come."

Quote written out on paper with sepia and black ink.

by Minus the Bear

Goodness, I didn't realize this post would be so long. The work showcased above drove the momentum of the post. Matching the tunes is always a labor of love so this was incredibly enjoyable. The final tune wraps this all up nicely:

No excuses, Friends. You can do this. We can do this.

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