03 November 2022

Batch Three » 30 Day Song Challenge

Just found this in my drafts from Feb 28, 2020. Today is Nov 3, 2022. Ha!
Doubt I'll do 'Week Four' challenge post, but I still dig these tunes, so hitting the publish button.

Bring on the way back machine for Batch #3 of my 30-Song Challenge. This post will be brief as all these tunes are well known in their own right... Collectively they make me want to don some bell bottoms and go hit the roller rink. The hero image displayed is an excerpt from the 1976 trademark encyclopedia, World of Logotypes by Al Cooper. A masterful collection of brand identities which have stood the test of time. Enjoy. Stay groovy. Peace ~Joy


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Love Is Alive  //  Garry Wright
13. A fave song from the '70s

Let's just pause on the fact that at some point, Gary Wright, his agent, the record label, etc thought this LP art was cool. Can you dig it? I do. Runner up is Atlantic Rhythm Section's So Into You. The lyric's nuances and innuendoes were lost on me when I was 10 years old-- which I fully comprehend now. ;)

Naive Melody (This Must Be the Place)  //  Talking Heads
14. A song you'd love played at your wedding

My 2020 plan, Stan: "...love me till my heart stops..." This Talking Heads song has meant so much to me at many junctures in my life for far: good, bad, happy, sad... that having it played at my wedding would be the quintessential icing on the cake. 

This entry's graphic support is part of the 'alarming sophisticated parody' series from, Marco Martin's, 'Everything Ages Fast'. This ad campaign almost deserves its own blog post. Stay tuned. 

If You Want Me To Stay  //  Red Hot Chili Peppers
15. A song that is covered by another artist

Who doesn't love a good cover? Anthony Kiedis + boys do a fine job staying true to the cool vibe first established by Sly and the Family Stone circa 1973. 

The Ocean  //  Led Zeppelin
16. A fave classic rock tune

Listening to vinyl was a special way to hang w/my older sister given our 4 year difference. She instilled my respect and love for Led Zeppelin from our collective hours of listening. Despite their vast catalogue of hits, the lesser poplular The Ocean, ranked #45 by Vulture magazine, is my fave.

I will not confirm nor deny my affinity for this song is due to a local band playing it near the end of the night which got the boys out on the dance floor--if only to just stand there, beer in hand and nod their heads. Their proximity was always scintillating. ;)

Candy Girl  //  Iggy Pop with Kate Pierson
17. Karaoke Duet Worthy

I've never done/sang karaoke. Doubt I ever will. But if I did, I'd love to channel Kate Pierson's moxy. This song is equally poppy and dripping with anguish. Perfect duo. 

Sunny  //  Bobby Hebb
18. A fave song from my birth year

As a July Cancer baby, can't think of a more fitting tune to wrap up this post. 

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