19 July 2008

Smoke + Mirrors?

So there we were.

In the "O.C".

Orange County California.

land of:
_ glam + gods
_ sun + sin
_ disney + legoland (which rocked)

We used to live there, and Mister M most certainly tired of hearing B and I recite that fact at every landmark or friend we encountered. He, in his 5 year old-ness, frankly didn't give a rat's ass that, "this was were you were born; here was our old house; here's where we'd have pancakes every Sunday (make note: when in Laguna Beach, Madison Square + Garden CafĂ© is a morning must. Especially if you have dogs.)

All in all, a fantastic trip. I love it there. Will post more about the trip's specifics. But right now am reflecting on how thankful for my midwest upbringing. 

Despite that vacation being over, I have Lollapalooza to look forward to. The two bands below will be there and are very much on my hit parade. These two tunes sum up Orange County for a lot of folks. For me? My jury is still out as it's just too easy to buy into stereotypes (although that typed: There was luncheon @ our hotel one day in which Obama was the guest of honor. It cost folks $55k to attend... that cost is not a type-o. ouch.)

The National:  Fake Empire

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