03 July 2008

Sum, Sum, Summertime!

One month. Two great birthdays: Our Country's + Mine.

As such, being a child of July, I love this month beyond reason. It's always been chock-full of pageantry and excitement for me.

Best of all, it's about being outside. The sting of a sunburn on your shoulders. About boating, water skiing and trampolines. Firework and fireflies. Convertibles and corn fields. Being waterlogged from pools, lake and sprinklers. And amazing thunderstorms you never want to end. All good.

Enjoy these. Enjoy your holiday. Enjoy your summer.

Galaxie 500:   Fourth of July
That Dean Wareham, what a great buttery voice. Sigh...

Broken Social Scene:  7/4 Shoreline
Just love these guys. Love the ensemble approach. I may be an 'n' of one, but I love Feist w/them more than her being a solo artist. More grit.

Electrelane:   On Parade
A good friend of mine shined me onto this band, and I am ever thankful. They have since disbanded, but that won't stop me from ranting about my love for them. 

Kid Rock:   All Summer Long
YES-Kid Rock. I like this bad boy. I am not ashamed to admit and I LOVE this song due to the video. Sure, I could do w/out all the blonde babes, but all the same, the video aligns w/my concept of summer: 100% pure fun spent outdoors. 

The Shaky Hands:  Summer's Life
Simple tune. And I am total sucker for tunes that have hand-clapping. Strange, agreed. In my mind, I 'see' this song taking place around 4pm... my favorite time of the day. 4pm to sundown. Just a fantastic lazy time of day, especially in the summer.

Rilo Kiley:   With Arms Outstretched
The song is a dusk song, without question. The first 13 seconds sound like fireflies fluttering about. The way it crescendos with the group singing reminds me of being called home when you don't want the night to end...thinking you could never possibly have a day/night as wonderful as the one you just were blessed with. And if you listen closely, you will notice, yup: hand clapping. ;)

Now some days, they last longer than others
But this day by the lake went too fast
And if you want me
You better speak up, I won't wait
So you better move fast

- with arms outstretched

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