05 November 2009

Fall Moon

::  T H E  B L U E   M O O N   A R T   P R O J E C T   ::
( Moondance by Dan Gerdeman + Under a Blue Moon by Angela Lichi )

Blue Moon Beer. Fall beverage goodness. With citrus fruit, even better. And a brewery which supports art? Holy Hey Joy jackpot, I say! :) The Blue Moon Art Project was developed to extend the brand's passion for art beyond the brew kettle and connect with the local art communities in Philly, Chicago, Columbus, and Boston. The submissions were impressive. I encourage you to take a look. And proof if ever that these guys take this Belgian-style witbier seriously artistically.

Alas, this post is a celebration of fall + fall-inspired activities. And most certainly an homage to the amazing full moon seen in CMH this week– just glorious! The 16 tunes (is that too many?!) below are a potpourri of indie/jazz/electronica/big-band treats designed to bring the ideas in this post full circle. Love when that happens! As always, thank you for reading all this! Salut~ Joy

:: Howling like a Wolf
These two tunes I've had in my library forever. I think I've stated before-I must have a subliminal affinity towards tunes that have 'wolf' in the name/band/lp title. Ha! Here are two of the best in my offering:

Wolf Like Me
TV on The Radio
Love these lyrics. Werewolf to the hilt, Baby.

You're a Wolf
Sea Wolf
Love love love the enunciation on, "Cut to the ocean"...

:: Boo!
Yah, I hear ya, Halloween was last week. But my blog, my rules. :) Enjoy these devilish delights.

Seven Steps to Satan
I swear, I could post a Luna tune every blog post. This one is particularly lush in the melody and lyrics: "Seven vodkas to the wind / Seven ways from sundown / Seventh heaven seventh veil / I was only joking". Sigh.

Blood Bank
Bon Iver
This song gave me chills when I saw them this past Lollapalooza. So haunting. And so worth it standing in the rain for the performance: "And I said I know it well / That secret that we know / That we don't know how to tell / I'm in love with your honor / I'm in love with your cheeks..."

Everyday I Love You Less and Less
Kaiser Chiefs
This tune made this playlist as EVERY time I hear the laugh in the background at the :30 mark, it reminds me of Count Von Count (One, muhhaah... Two, muhahhah...) which is even more fitting in light of Sesame Street's 40th Anniversary. Google did a fab job w/the custom mastheads too.

:: Fall With Me

Autumn Sweater
Yo La Tengo
Much like Luna, I've forever share YLT tunes w/you guys. Their range is just ridiculously diverse. I love the shy yet flirty context of the lyrics. And the gentle tambourine throughout. 

Fall Bicycle (The Album Leaf Remix)
Lymbyc Systym
I started listening to The Album Leaf years ago. Then I was on a shoot in '07 in San Deigo w/photographer, Bil Zelman. His iPod started playing TAL and he was surprised I named the band as he had just finished shooting their launch promotional materials. Kismet. :)

Carry Me Ohio
Sun Kil Moon
I'm forever the romantic: this is such a great love song.

Come On Over (Turn Me On)
Isobel Campbell + Mark Lanegan
I know I am in the minority but, I am not a Belle + Sebastian fan (sorry Vince!). However, when Isobel is paired with Mark Lanegan (Sunday at Dirt Devil LP) it's a whole different story. Their combined talents are mezmerizing.

Time Won't Let Me Go
The Bravery.
From The Sun And The Moon LP. "Whenever I look back on the best days of my life..."

:: Under the Milky Way

"You had a hand and it was loneliness. And all I wanted was you, oh, you..." Note the narrative that endulates in and out of this tune to the bitter end. Nice touch.

Fade Into You
Mazzy Star
I try to not post obvious tunes, but when they are just this good, I allow it. This song was released in 1993. Timeless.

Moon and Sand
Kenny Burrell
My jazz collection is huge. As such I want/need to start peppering my posts w/more of it. Here's a fab start. Take it away, Kenny.

Old Devil Moon
Frank Sinatra
Ah, Frank, you old devil... Cocktails anyone?

:: Moon Rocks

Metal Heart
Cat Power
I am bending my rules here again. This tune is in this post b/c it's from the "Moon Pix" LP which aligns w/moon theme I've got goin' on here. Granted, a stretch... But it IS a killer tune and this version is the best of them all. Dripping w/angst and guitars and Chan Marshall.

Star Guitar (featuring Au Revoir Simone)
Shinichi Osawa
This song captures the essence of taking a star-lit walk on a brisk night.

: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :
Can't count to
All the lovers I've burned through
So why do I still burn for you
I cannot say

Sorry that
I could never love you back
I could never care enough
In these last days

Heal her soul
Carry her my angel

~ Carry Me Ohio by Sun Kil Moon
: : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :


  1. Joy, thanks for spending the solid time to bring
    us new tunes and remind us of old ones.


  2. er Joyous, is there something we need to talk about?


  3. You need to add, "How Will the Wolf Survive" from Los Lobos to your wolf collection.