25 November 2009

Monster Mash(up)

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Okay, I am keeping this post light and breezy. I stumbled upon some killer mashups (a craft that I am just beginning to learn about) and wanted to pass them along in the spirit of Thanksgiving. They're clever + whimsical and will linger w/you for a while, I guarantee. So please enjoy (and post your any feedback and other mashup resources care to share.)

Have a fab Thanksgiving! ~ Joy

djBC creations:

Gimme The Nightclub
50 Cent + George Benson. This is the most tight mashup in this offering. I've always loved In Da Club because I am a shorty. ;) And the injection of George Benson's Gimme the Night is sweet.

New Order meets Bossa Nova. In this case Confusion + Elis Regina. Divine.

Promiscuous All Night
I've always loved Nelly Furtado/Timbaland's Promiscuous. Throw in a lil Beyonce/Jay-Z (not too much) w/some old school dancehall reagge. Yummy.

Snoop's Nu Shooz
I've a weakness for Snoop. I can't explain it. I just like him (along w/KidRock...) so this mashup really pulled me in, as back the day I la-la-loved this Nu Shooz tune.

Summer In The City
ANY tune that successfully works in "She put de lime in de coconut and called de doctor, woke 'im up." is alright by me.

PartyBen Creations

Pump Up the Doorbell
I chose this tune during my CD101 Guest DJ stint last summer. Great energy via White Stripes + MARRS's Pump Up the Volume

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  1. Dang. Nu Shooz. STILL love that bassline...